The Journey of Innovation

Every innovation is a journey that takes life from a necessity, starts with an idea, and evolves through challenges and hardships to spring into existence. Rat Vanisher is too an innovation that paved the same path.


Necessity, the mother of all innovations came in the shape of Rat menace. Rat traps and rodenticides proved useless, it was an argue to fight than surrender that led to Rat Vanisher. Rat Vanisher is a complete out of the box solution compared to traditional and convention Rat control techniques.


Rat Vanisher was launched in 2006 after 10 years of Research and development in a liquid form. Soon a solid form was launched upon customer feedback. Rat Vanisher was time tested in typically all conditions and against variety of Rats & Mouse.


At Cygnet every innovation is a journey for which we never see an end; we keep innovating bringing out the best of best. Rat Vanisher saw several changes during the course and the latest being a completely herbal repellent.


On a never ending journey….