Smart Rats – Rats that grew with IT Revolution

Rats were something that lived in the fields and rarely in our houses. But rats evolved with the information technology and can be found in the premises of IT firms.


It requires certifications like CCNA to be a network engineer; however rats have taken a short cut. Rats are indeed smart as Jerry in Tom & Jerry. Ethernet cables or any protocol as TCP/IP nothing matters to them, rats go about handling communication cables in IT firms themselves. When time is money, it puts work flow at stay and rather gives a good job to repair staff employed. Network communication is the backbone of IT industry and it is where they mostly strike. We can’t however blame them; they get only network cables to play in the concrete buildings of the software parks, because no play and all day work makes jack a dull boy.

Their love for networks doesn’t end up there, costly printers, telephone exchanges, bio-medical equipments, servers and other electronic equipments gets damaged by rats. Stories of large format printers damaged by rats are common. When it comes to high end equipments the issues are many, easy expert technician may not be easily available, even if it is a small wire replacements may not be readily accessible locally, the cost of replacement will be on the higher side and equipment warranty doesn’t cover rat damage.

The most frequent type of damage found is damaging electric cables of the equipments; secondly they may gnaw on its part and finally the destructive rat urine. You should never underestimate the power of rat urine, it is a powerful chemical. It erodes printed circuits, urinating on telephone exchange racks can put thousands of telephone lines off in minutes. Rats in sterile server rooms also give good headache to the IT professionals.

Rats live on the sides of offices, sometimes making office ceiling or ac ducts their sweet home. Their excreta could give you a bad smell in your office or rats could help you with tearing precious office stationary.
When technology changed they moved to buildings to survive and they very well adapted to the new e-culture.

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