Rats Chewing up Car wiring

Call it fun; rats love chewing and cutting car wiring. Though fun or whatever for them it’s not at all easy on us. From short circuits to immobilizing the vehicle, shutting part of the electric system, it can lead to any of these.


Yes !, it is dangerous. Cutting of wires by rats can lead to serious short circuiting, often damaging a bunch of wires and rarely resulting in fire. Hence any sign of rats intruding the cars should be treated with at most importance; negligence from our side can prove serious. Hope you don’t want to put your favorite car on fire.


They do burn big holes in our pocket! Technology has grown highly in the automobile sector and, has given us safer and better automobiles. Car wiring is not as same as that they used to be a decade ago. Car wiring was meant to be just for ignition, powering lights, horn and devises like car stereo. But where has a technology taken us, lot of sensors to monitor the car, onboard microprocessors and a lot of wires for communication. The levels of technology employed by premium cars are truly amazing and day to day the technology gets upgraded. We are at the doorstep of commercialization of self-driven cars. But the technologies are not rodent proof; even a small wire cut by rats can easily disable the engine.


Wiring with the level of sophistication have become costly, the wiring kit of even the cheapest cars in India costs more than Rs.30,000/- and in the case of premium luxury cars costs a few lakhs. It is common for many car users in metropolitan cities to shell out about Rs.One Lakh from damages caused by rats.

Wires also seem tasty! Rats are found to damage more on particular types of wires like special wires for burgler alarm (anti-theft) and wiring of specific branded vehicles. In many cases rats gets addicted to chewing these wires. There are lots of cases of rats triggering the anti-theft alarm by cutting the heavy wires of the anti-theft. Some car dealers have also reported high instances of rat damage in few specific car models.


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