Cygnet is a company that believes in innovations for a better living. Cygnet started its operation in 2006 with an innovative solution to Rat/Mouse menace. The first launch was a liquid form of Rat Vanisher; under our strenuous desire to improve and innovate, the same product was converted to solid form.


Over the years, we got happy responses from our customers spread all over India. It is said success is the sweetest, and this success story of Rat Vanisher impelled us to look further into the development of the brand, paving way to a major product development in the year 2012. The company stands as the first and sole manufacturer of this novelty.


To be a step closer to the green world, Cygnet brought out RAT VANISHER BIO-PLUS, a completely new herbal formulation. Research is being going on to bring newer green products to fight pest.
At Cygnet we put value to environment and humans before any business. We always look forward to providing solutions to our valued customers more than selling just a product. Our mission is to bring green products to control pest.


The Promoter: Cygnets stands on the strong pillars of V.K SHAJI, The Proprietor. With a Military service background and an industrial experience of 38 years, he has made innovations in various fields he has handled. Cygnet continues to bloom under his guidance.