What is Rat Vanisher ?
Rat Vanisher is a unique Rat/Mouse Repellent and a product of CYGNET. You can keep away Rats/Mice from your premises for three-four months by using Rat Vanisher for just 30 days.


Where can I use Rat Vanisher? Can I use it for my residence/cars?
Rat Vanisher can be used virtually anywhere be it your residence or cars, or agricultural fields, restaurants, commercial complexes, open yards etc.


What is the difference between Rat Vanisher and Rat Vanisher Bio-Plus?
Rat Vanisher has organic compounds as active ingredients while Rat Vanisher Bio-plus has pure herbal extracts/essential oil as active ingredients.


Why Rat Vanisher ?
  • Rat Vanisher is the only ideal long term solution to Rat / Mouse menace.
  • Controlling Rats/Mice by conventional methods like poisoning, trapping and fumigation is impossible
  • Repels Rat/Mouse and does not kill.
  • Forget removing dead Rats/Mice.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • No side effects.


How to use Rat Vanisher?
Usage of Rat Vanisher is simple, you have to place Rat Vanisher in all the Rat / Mouse infested areas in your premises for 30 days.

Is Rat Vanisher effective against all kinds of Rat / Mouse?
Rat Vanisher is effective against all types of Rats / Mice, Rat Vanisher can be rarely ineffective as in the case of Albino Rats which have no sense of smell.
Is Rat Vanisher poisonous?
Rat Vanisher is not a rodenticide or poison; it only repels Rats and Mice.

Is Rat Vanisher harmful to human beings and other pests?
Rat Vanisher is harmless to humans and other pests, it effects only Rats and Mice.
Are there other manufacturers of Rat Vanisher?
Rat Vanisher is the trade mark of Cygnet, Cygnet is the only manufacturer of the product.
How many days it takes for the Rat / Mouse to repel?
Rat Vanisher does not use any strong chemicals, therefore only a long exposure of Rat Vanisher effects Rats/Mouse. It takes few days (normally 5-8days) for the Rats/Mouse to start repelling.
How long can the Rats/Mice be kept away by using Rat Vanisher?
Usage of Rat Vanisher for twenty days can keep away Rats / Mice from your premises normally for a period of 3-4 months. This period depends on various factors like variety of Rats /Mouse, their population in the area and availability of food to them etc.

Can I use Rat Vanisher as trial in a portion of my premises?
We recommend using Rat Vanisher in all the Rat/Mouse infested areas in your premises at a time for more effectiveness.

How does Rat Vanisher work?
The application of Rat Vanisher temporarily affects Rat/Mouse after a few days of exposure. The Rats/Mice gradually starts developing a fear to the smell and therefore also to the area where it’s applied. As a result they fear coming to the area for a good period, often ranging from four to six months.

They also communicate the fear or the danger to other Rats/Mice. Hence, application of Rat Vanisher gives a total solution to your Rat/ Mouse infestation.

How does Rat Vanisher help in controlling Rat/Mouse population?
Living conditions for Rat/Mouse is a major factor determining their population. When Rats/Mice have ample food from kitchens, waste dumps, agriculture fields, etc it gets the best condition to thrive. Breeding rates of Rats/Mice increase with easy access to food and in the harvesting season.
Application of Rat Vanisher and thereby cutting the access of food to Rats/Mice would naturally bring down Rat/Mouse population.

Why are Rodenticide/ Rat traps often ineffective?
Contrary to popular belief that killing of Rat/Mouse can control their population, usage of Rodenticide/ Rat traps for centuries have done little to control them.

Rats/Mice are intelligent creatures, they understand the danger after few Rats/Mice are trapped in traps or poisoned. The danger is well communicated among them and they start avoiding the danger. It is often impossible to trap or poison not more than a few Rats/Mice.

Moreover, it is possible to kill only few Rats/Mice by such methods but their breeding rates are much higher. Thus these methods fail to make any considerable effect on the Rat/Mouse population.

How can I buy Rat Vanisher?
You can directly buy from our Online store (click here). For Custom orders please contact us.